Top performing companies in covid 19 times

EduTest Solutions: Scaling new heights under the thought leadership of women dignitaries

Labour vs Industry: Is blanket suspension of labour laws for 3 years justified?

The labour vs industry is not a good proposition. Rather it should be labour and industry. Both sides must gain, only then shall investment come and industry grow

How will the methods of examinations change in a post-COVID world?

Maya Patankar is a Digital Assessment and Examination Pioneer and Veteran with a legacy of managing best of the National and International customers….

“Glad to inform that Mrs Arya being selected among 100 successful women entrepreneurs of the India, enclosed the book release by FLO “

Edutest Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Education Testing Company in India.Established in 1982, it is one of the premier companies for conducting Offline exams and Confidential Printing and providing services to leading Universities, Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Boards, Technical Education Boards, Public Service Commissions and various Boards engaged in conduction Recruitment and Entrance Exams both at National and State Levels.

निर्णय लेने की सर्वोच्च क्षमता जरूरी : आलोक रंजन

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